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The Annual Cost of Alcohol Abuse in the U.S. 1Statista/CDC (republished 2020, 2010 data) 2Blue Cross Blue Shield $B





Copyright © 2021 SOBR Safe, Inc. All rights reserved. Creating a Safer World with SOBRsafe Prevent drunk driving by school bus and fleet drivers Prevent alcohol-related industrial accidents Prevent young adult driver deaths Predict alcohol cravings; get ahead of rehab relapse Predict driver fatigue What if you could: Life-Transformational Architecture





Invention + Execution = Innovation Kevin and Dave combine for 6 successful exits 25+ years of leadership experience in: Manufacturing & product testing International business Negotiations Kevin Moore, President & CEO Copyright © 2021 SOBR Safe, Inc. All rights reserved. www.sobrsafe.com 33+ years of leadership experience in: Capital formation Technology acquisitions Sales acceleration Dave Gandini, Chairman & CRO 25+ years of leadership experience in: Technology Intellectual property law Engineering Dean Watson, CTO New Product Development Engineering Supply Chain Management Customer Experience Account Management





Copyright © 2021 SOBR Safe, Inc. All rights reserved. Enhanced Safety Solution Source for secondary authentication “Go/No Go” alcohol presence detection Data pushed to any web-enabled device Improving business health, personnel wellness Increasing productivity, lowering liability Timing Q2 2021 sales – North America Market Size $12 billion potential revenue opportunity www.sobrsafe.com Stationary SOBRcheck™





Business & Revenue Model Integrating emerging technologies Multiple patents and patents-pending; continual ongoing filing Commitment to ISO-9001 certification Key Operational Tenets Monthly fee per seat model Install fees + recurring revenue Upsell potential as we add technologies B2B SaaS Economics Copyright © 2021 SOBR Safe, Inc. All rights reserved.





Copyright © 2021 SOBR Safe, Inc. All rights reserved. Market-Spanning Monitoring www.sobrsafe.com Personal Solution Pioneer in B2B market with wearable alcohol detection Health and wellness Timing Pilots begin Q3 2021 Market Size 1ABI Research; 2NHTSA; 3Data Bridge $102 billion across Digital Health1 & Enterprise-Ready2 wearables; 43 MM U.S. wearable users in 20213, 104 MM by 2025 SOBRwell™





Competitive Landscape Copyright © 2021 SOBR Safe, Inc. All rights reserved. SOBR Safe is currently the only preventative transdermal (touch-based) alcohol detection system in the U.S.





Copyright © 2021 SOBR Safe, Inc. All rights reserved. Key Investment Considerations Publicly-traded (OTCQB: SOBR), with anticipated 9-12 month path to Nasdaq listing Disruptive, first-to-market technology, led by highly accomplished leadership team with 6 successful exits Addressing a critical $249 billion problem; plan and technology validated by significant strategic partners COVID-19 driving increased substance consumption, mental health issues – a preventative solution is required Aggressive, ongoing patent pursuit and executing on a highly scalable IP portfolio rollup strategy Life-transformational, market-driven solution anticipated to create significant social impact, generational legacy www.sobrsafe.com OTC QB: SOBR www.sobrsafe.com OTC QB: SOBR





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