Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)


1 Months Ended 9 Months Ended 12 Months Ended
Sep. 28, 2022
Sep. 30, 2022
Sep. 30, 2021
Dec. 31, 2021
Aug. 03, 2022
Debt face amount   $ 3,048,781      
Warrant to purchase shares   406,504      
Debenture conversion description   The Debenture is convertible voluntarily by the Purchaser at any time into shares of our common stock, at the lesser of $7.50, representing 100% of the closing price of our common stock on the trading day immediately prior to the Closing Date, or 75% of the average VWAP of our common stock during the 5 trading day period immediately prior to the conversion date (the “Conversion Price”), or automatically upon the occurrence of a single public offering of our common stock which results in the listing of our common stock on a national securities exchange as defined in the Exchange Act (the “Qualified Offering”) into shares of our common stock at the lesser of the Conversion Price, or 75% of the offering price of the securities offered in the Qualified Offering      
Proceeds from financing transition   $ 2,500,000      
OID percentage   18.00%      
Exercise price   $ 6      
Adjusted exercise price   $ 3      
Partial liquidated damages description   Company shall pay to the Purchaser as partial liquidated damages equal to the product of 2% of the principal amount not to exceed 24% of the aggregate principal. If the Company fails to pay of the liquidated damages within seven days after the date payable, the Company will pay interest at 18% until such amounts are paid in full      
Unamortized discount and issuance costs   $ 0   $ 402,465  
Outstanding warrants   2,258,355   406,504  
Fair market value of stock warrants   $ 4,359,583 $ 847,048    
Unamortized discount   423,782   $ 423,782  
Interest expense related to debt issuance costs   5,443 5,443    
Interest expense   465,635 14,039    
Debt issuance cost   $ 423,782 423,782    
Outstanding principal amount of debenture, percentage   130.00%      
Accrued and unpaid interest, percentage   100.00%      
Default penalties included in general and administrative expense   $ 914,634      
Warrant to purchase additional shares of common stock   101,626      
Warrant to purchase additional shares of common stock, expiry date   Mar. 29, 2029      
Debt discount amortization expense   $ 465,635 $ 16,245    
Original Issue Discount   548,781      
Debt issuance costs   275,000      
Unpaid damages and estimated related costs   $ 195,000      
Warrant issued   4,054,055     10,000
Armistice Warrants [Member]          
Warrant issued 1,750,225        
Original Warrant 1,400,180        
New Warrants 350,045        
Securities Purchase Agreement [Member] | Registration Rights Agreement [Member]          
Warrant exercisable per share $ 1.35