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Creating alcohol-free environments to increase productivity and save lives. That is the mission of Boulder, CO-based SOBR Safe, Inc. The company is integrating a preventative detection technology platform through partnership, licensing and acquisitions, and is in protype phase with its launch product: the patent-pending, proprietary SOBR®Check device - a non-invasive, touch-based identity verification and alcohol detection solution.

Each year, alcohol-related injuries, deaths and lost productivity costs American employers and insurers $63 billion. One half of all industrial accidents involve alcohol, and commercial fleets suffer from over 11,000 alcohol-related accidents each year. SOBR Safe has a plan and protype technology to address this problem. The SOBR®Check solution is the only preventative transdermal alcohol detection system in the U.S. market, and it is further augmented by a biometric fingerprint sensor – linking detection results to a unique individual. Data is delivered real-time through SOBR Safe’s cloud-based SaaS interface to Human Resources or Occupational Safety officers, empowering them to enforce their Zero Tolerance policies.

The company is also evaluating a consumer wearable solution, and additional potential integrations for cocaine, marijuana and opioids detection.

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