SOBRSafe Secures Innovative Engineering Partner, Anticipates Prototypes in May

Environmental sensor pioneer brings 27 years of expertise to SOBRSafe® device development.

Boulder, CO, March 6, 2020 – SOBRSafe, Inc. (OTCQB: SOBR), developers of SOBRSafe®, a patented non-invasive alcohol detection system, announced today that it has reached agreement with an industry-leading gas sensor engineering/manufacturing firm to complete and deliver beta prototype versions of the SOBRSafe® device. These prototypes will enable pilot testing immediately upon their expected May receipt; multiple pilot programs with national customers have been secured and will be discussed in greater detail in subsequent announcements.

The engineering firm, with 27 years of demonstrated innovation in gas detection, has earned more than 40 patents and could be a key resource in SOBRSafe’s intended aggregation of a broad detection IP portfolio.

“After years in market research and product development, we believe we are on the doorstep of commercialization,” stated SOBRSafe CEO Kevin Moore. “We feel we have found the ideal technical partner. Their skillset is well-matched to our model – we are not inventors, but a solution integration and business development platform. With their engineering expertise we have established the quickest path to a testable prototype, and we look forward to potentially initiating our pilot programs – a final step before market launch – in a matter of weeks.”

About SOBRSafe, Inc.

SOBRSafe, Inc. has developed and patented a non-invasive alcohol sensing system - SOBRSafe®. SOBRSafe® is a potentially disruptive solution in alcohol consumption detection - a touch-based technology with anticipated applications in school buses, commercial trucking fleets, facility access control and more. Across industries, the headlines are consistent: alcohol is a clear and present danger - impaired operation destroys lives, families and companies alike. SOBRSafe’s mission is to eliminate the destructive impact of alcohol on our roadways and workplaces…with just the touch of a finger.


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